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Understanding Your Hair Loss Pattern

One of the most common ways to understand the types of hair loss that affect people are by using the Hamilton-Norwood scale. This scale helps to describe different patterns of hair loss to make it easier to distinguish between the different types.

There are different classes of hair loss ranging from I-VII

Hamilton-Norwood Scale

Class I does not actually represent a balding head, but what a young person’s hair looks like without any balding.

Class II also does not represent balding. It is used to show natural progression of an adult’s hairline.

Class III is the first class to represent hair loss. Here, hair loss is starting in the temporal region.

Class III Vertex is also the earliest stages of hair loss, but on the crown instead of the temporal region.

Class IV is the second, more advanced, stage of frontal and slight crown hair loss.

Class V represents the second stage of frontal and a more pronounced crown area hair loss.

Class VI is also the second stage of frontal and crown hair loss, but the two areas start to meet.

Class VII represents extensive hair loss. This stage is the most dramatic level of hair loss and typically leaves only a band of hair around the back of the head.


Understanding your type and stage of hair loss is important to prevent misdiagnosis and to insure you don't waste your time researching the wrong type of hair loss. Luckily, Nutrifolica treatment works on all stages and types of hair loss. 


What is your class and stage? 

Herbal Essentials Goes Solar

It is extremely important to make the smallest footprint possible when creating any product. With that in mind, this year our manufacturing facility has been able to start using solar power for about 30 percent of the power used. 

This is a great step toward keeping our all natural product as positive for the environment, as it is for our customers. 

Hopefully, in the future we can provide a product that is made entirely on solar power. 

What's In Your Shampoo?

Cleanliness is extremely important, but what happens when the shampoo you are using is actually bad for you?

Apparently, there is a carcinogen that is found within a multitude of personal care products that has been found to have a direct leak to causing cancer. In August, the Center for Environmental Health "revealed independent testing finding a cancer-causing chemical in 98 shampoos, soaps, and other personal care products sold by major national retailers. The chemical, cocamide diethanolamine (cocamide DEA), a chemically-modified form of coconut oil used as a thickener or foaming agent in many products, was listed by California as a known carcinogen last year....In addition, products marketed for children and a product falsely labeled as organic were found with the chemical, in violation of California law." As we are based in California, this issue is very important to us.

Cocamide DEA is a chemical that is used as a thickening agent in hair and body care products. It is derived from coconut oil and was declared a known carcinogen in the state of California in 2012. You can find a list of all the chemicals considered carcinogens in California here. Cocamide DEA is on page 6. 

This case shows the danger of using over the counter products that claim they are safe, yet potentially are far from it. Once again, this shows how important it is to read and understand the labels of products you use. If a product you use has a form of coconut oil, there is a chance it is toxic. 

People should feel comfortable with the products they use. That's why here at Herbal Essentials we pick our ingredients carefully and give a complete list of them on our website. And if you ever have any questions about our ingredients or hair care products, we are always more than happy to answer any of your questions.


Minoxidil and Hair's Dependency

Minoxidil is a very popular choice for those experiencing hair loss. But what is Minoxidil, and should you use it?


Minoxidil was originally used orally to help fight high blood pressure. A side effect that was discovered was hair growth and reduced hair loss. It was later introduced as a topical treatment for hair loss prevention and reversal.


There are a few problems that come with minoxidil use. Minoxidil is recommended to use twice a day, indefinitely. This means that if you choose to use minoxidil to prevent your hair loss, you will need to be prepared to use it for the rest of your life for it to continue to work.


It has come up often that hair may become dependent on minoxidil. Minoxidil stimulates the hair follicles, but fails to reduce DHT, the major cause of hair loss, nor does it address any of the other causes of hair loss. Since it doesn’t tackle the underlying issues of hair loss, if you stop using it, it will lose its effect.


It has also been discussed that when a person stops using minoxidil their hair loss returns and hairs become thinner and its growth span is shorter. This is because minoxidil keeps hair in the anagen phase (growth phase) for longer and when it is no longer used, the hair can abruptly change phases. Some of the side effects can be very harsh on the body. From bloating to rashes, minoxidil can create serious problems for the user.

Our company decided to stay away from minoxidil and take a natural approach to hair loss, using herbs such as Saw Palmetto and Nettles to help against hair loss. These herbs do not cause dependency.

My Experience With Sulfate Shampoos

Why is having a natural, chemical free product important to us? You may ask yourself what could the difference really be? Most products are filled with chemicals, they may even be filled with only chemicals, artificial scents and all and they are hugely popular and sold just about everywhere. 


Our philosophy is simple, nature is the best cure. We should work with nature instead of finding a way around nature. Less is more. Instead of adding more and more additives to counteract negative effects in our products, we don't use anything that would cause negative side effects in the first place. 


When you use chemical based products, you may be using something counter active to what you wish to achieve. For instance, using a sulfate shampoo. Most shampoos use a detergent agent to make suds. I used to think that these bubbles were what cleansed my scalp and hair. Boy was I wrong. Those suds are not helping to clean hair at all. They are added only to create the visual of a 'clean' feeling. These detergents are typically the same used in laundry detergent. Oil on clothing is not a good thing, there is no reason for laundry detergent to be soft on dirt, only colours. Talk about stripping away nutrients. 


I have very curly hair and when I used to shampoo with sulfate shampoos, I could feel how dry my hair was as I was washing out the shampoo. My hair was literally underwater and still felt dry. Something was definitely off here. I would have to use a handful of conditioner to be completely satisfied that my hair was getting enough moisture. The problem here is that when I would use tons of conditioner I tended to get more buildup on my scalp leaving it itchy and dirty feeling. Therefore, I would use more shampoo and the vicious cycle would repeat. I thought that if I used dry/damaged shampoos and conditioners it would solve my problem. Little did I know, these labels mean next to nothing. 


My dry hair used to cause a lot of breakage and because I have curly hair, I would have this very unattractive halo of frizz over my head. So, I would use gels, hair spray, and clips to tame it. This would add more unnecessary buildup as well as would flatten out my curls (which I also used to hate). I have never dyed my hair, because I knew that the chemicals would destroy my hair. What I didn't realize was that I was already doing this with what I thought was helping it, my shampoo. 


I now use our Nutrifolica shampoo because it's sulfate-free and all natural. After doing my own research, I found out that less is more. Now, I notice that when I'm washing my hair, it feels lighter and I can tell it is absorbing a lot of water in the shower. I also can use about half as much conditioner as I used to. This is great for my scalp and my wallet. I can tell that my hair is happier, and therefore I follow suit and am happier about my hair. I am more likely to keep up with doing my weekly treatments (I typically do a hot oil treatment) and experiment with different hair styles, instead of a bun all the time. I also don't have to worry about treating my hair with the utmost care, for fear of worsening my frizz halo.


After using our Nutrifolica shampoo and conditioner for almost a year, there are a lot of benefits I have noticed:

  • My hair is stronger
  • I have softer hair that isn't crunchy or brittle
  • My frizz halo is gone
  • I use less product
  • I can enjoy my hair instead of fight it
  • I have little to no buildup on my scalp
  • I know my hair is getting clean without harsh chemicals
  • I am supporting a small company I believe in

So try switching and see how happy your hair becomes. I could easily go on and on about how great it is, and I do. 


Let us know how switching to Nutrifolica has worked for you. Have you noticed your hair is stronger and happier? 

Written by Amber T — December 03, 2012

Stay on top of it!

The best way to help with hair loss is to consistently treat it.

There are a few things that you can do that might mean the difference between thin hair and no hair.

Check your water supply! We are based in Los Angeles, California and our city is known for its hard water. Some people prefer to go so far as not drink it. So why would you use it on your sensitive head?

While the tap water in Los Angeles is actually just fine to drink, there are higher levels of chlorine in it than in other cities. You might not live in Los Angeles, but chances are if you live in or near a larger city you have higher levels of chlorine as well.

There are a couple of ways you can compensate for this.

The first, and best option, would be to buy a filtered shower head. These can cost as little as $20 at the hardware store, but you will get better results with a more expensive one, $50-$100. You will need to remember to replace the filter, but it will get a lot of the chlorine and other chemicals out of the water that cause scalp problems.  You could even go as far as getting a whole house filtration system and your hair and skin will love you for it, but that is very costly.

Another option is to buy a shampoo that compensates for harsh water. For example, there are shampoos made specifically for swimmers who are constantly in chlorine water. But, as long as you use a natural and sulfate free shampoo you should be alright. Check out our all natural Shampoo!

You can also rinse with apple cider vinegar to try and balance pH levels in your hair. If you try this out be sure to use 1TBS of ACV in a full cup of warm water to dilute it. Rinse hair with this mixture between your shampoo and conditioning. Condition as usual and rinse out both the ACV and conditioner. Just be careful not to get it in your eyes. It burns.


Another thing you can do in your daily routine is pay attention to how you wear your hair. Do you often wear hats? Tie your hair in a ponytail or bun? If you are, you might be exacerbating the problem. This is such a common issue, that there is even a name for it: Traction Alopecia.

Try wearing hair in looser styles or down. If you part your hair the same exact way every day, you might be pulling at that area more than others which can lead to thinning in that area. Try a side part, or the other side.


Do you dye your hair? Maybe it’s time to look for a more natural hair dye that uses less to no chemicals, or better yet, let your hair be its natural colour. If you’re worried about gray hair and have brittle hair from dying it, consider whether you prefer gray hair, or no hair. Gray can be a very flattering colour.

With a little research you can find homemade hair dye recipes that might actually condition hair. Another great alterative is henna, but be careful if you plan on using henna with chemically dyed hair, as there is the risk of getting strange colour mixtures.  


Try hair or scalp treatments, a deep conditioning with olive oil once a week; a mashed banana treatment. Find one you like and stick with it.

Check out our hair care tips page for some ideas on treatments.


Stay Consistent! If you have something that is working, keep it up! I say this because our product should be used daily. If it is, it works better. If you decide to rinse with ACV; do it regularly. If you get a shower filter; change the filter. If you stay consistent, you will see positive changes. Because if you take your time to learn what your body needs, you will be that much better off.  

Our Belief In Developing Natural Products

Natural ingredients are what set our products apart from its competitors.  Customers looking to improve their appearance without having to experience unwanted side effects seek natural remedies, rather than those containing synthetic chemicals.  For centuries people have utilized the rejuvenating powers of herbs, developing therapeutic and cosmetic uses from plant extracts.  By refining the healing power of botanicals, Herbal Essentials’ products provide customers with the results they desire – naturally, without any unwanted side effects.

Quality Standardized Botanical Extracts

In developing our natural products, Herbal Essentials has combined the best of traditional botanical knowledge with the latest scientific extraction techniques to offer the consumer the highest quality standardized botanicals.  After all, products are only as good as the raw materials that comprise them. 

At Herbal Essentials, we begin this process with the finest quality botanicals.  We believe that the whole plant is greater than the sum of its parts and therefore use the entire botanical rather than isolate certain “Actives.”  Many companies try to improve on nature by isolating a known “Active” ingredient and concentrating it.  But instead of improving on what nature has to offer, they produce a synthetic that can have negative side effects. 

Using only the highest quality ingredients available and a “European Cold Process” extraction method to preserve the activity of each ingredient, our products are assured to have consistent quality.  Unlike other companies that chemically process their  botanicals with excessive heat, our “cold process” protects the active ingredients from start to finish and ensures that the holistic properties of the botanical extract are maintained. 

All our extracts must pass rigid quality control tests and meet stringent government specifications.  Customers can be assured that they will receive only the best, most active botanicals in each of our products.

When Allen Parkinson (the inventor of Sleep-Eze, the first non-prescription sleeping pill) founded Herbal Essentials, serviceintegrity and quality became the central tenets of our business philosophy.  Over the past 9 years, we have been committed to giving our customers the reliable products and services that they expect and deserve.

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