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The best way to help with hair loss is to consistently treat it.

There are a few things that you can do that might mean the difference between thin hair and no hair.

Check your water supply! We are based in Los Angeles, California and our city is known for its hard water. Some people prefer to go so far as not drink it. So why would you use it on your sensitive head?

While the tap water in Los Angeles is actually just fine to drink, there are higher levels of chlorine in it than in other cities. You might not live in Los Angeles, but chances are if you live in or near a larger city you have higher levels of chlorine as well.

There are a couple of ways you can compensate for this.

The first, and best option, would be to buy a filtered shower head. These can cost as little as $20 at the hardware store, but you will get better results with a more expensive one, $50-$100. You will need to remember to replace the filter, but it will get a lot of the chlorine and other chemicals out of the water that cause scalp problems.  You could even go as far as getting a whole house filtration system and your hair and skin will love you for it, but that is very costly.

Another option is to buy a shampoo that compensates for harsh water. For example, there are shampoos made specifically for swimmers who are constantly in chlorine water. But, as long as you use a natural and sulfate free shampoo you should be alright. Check out our all natural Shampoo!

You can also rinse with apple cider vinegar to try and balance pH levels in your hair. If you try this out be sure to use 1TBS of ACV in a full cup of warm water to dilute it. Rinse hair with this mixture between your shampoo and conditioning. Condition as usual and rinse out both the ACV and conditioner. Just be careful not to get it in your eyes. It burns.


Another thing you can do in your daily routine is pay attention to how you wear your hair. Do you often wear hats? Tie your hair in a ponytail or bun? If you are, you might be exacerbating the problem. This is such a common issue, that there is even a name for it: Traction Alopecia.

Try wearing hair in looser styles or down. If you part your hair the same exact way every day, you might be pulling at that area more than others which can lead to thinning in that area. Try a side part, or the other side.


Do you dye your hair? Maybe it’s time to look for a more natural hair dye that uses less to no chemicals, or better yet, let your hair be its natural colour. If you’re worried about gray hair and have brittle hair from dying it, consider whether you prefer gray hair, or no hair. Gray can be a very flattering colour.

With a little research you can find homemade hair dye recipes that might actually condition hair. Another great alterative is henna, but be careful if you plan on using henna with chemically dyed hair, as there is the risk of getting strange colour mixtures.  


Try hair or scalp treatments, a deep conditioning with olive oil once a week; a mashed banana treatment. Find one you like and stick with it.

Check out our hair care tips page for some ideas on treatments.


Stay Consistent! If you have something that is working, keep it up! I say this because our product should be used daily. If it is, it works better. If you decide to rinse with ACV; do it regularly. If you get a shower filter; change the filter. If you stay consistent, you will see positive changes. Because if you take your time to learn what your body needs, you will be that much better off.  

Written by Amber T — July 30, 2012

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