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Why is having a natural, chemical free product important to us? You may ask yourself what could the difference really be? Most products are filled with chemicals, they may even be filled with only chemicals, artificial scents and all and they are hugely popular and sold just about everywhere. 


Our philosophy is simple, nature is the best cure. We should work with nature instead of finding a way around nature. Less is more. Instead of adding more and more additives to counteract negative effects in our products, we don't use anything that would cause negative side effects in the first place. 


When you use chemical based products, you may be using something counter active to what you wish to achieve. For instance, using a sulfate shampoo. Most shampoos use a detergent agent to make suds. I used to think that these bubbles were what cleansed my scalp and hair. Boy was I wrong. Those suds are not helping to clean hair at all. They are added only to create the visual of a 'clean' feeling. These detergents are typically the same used in laundry detergent. Oil on clothing is not a good thing, there is no reason for laundry detergent to be soft on dirt, only colours. Talk about stripping away nutrients. 


I have very curly hair and when I used to shampoo with sulfate shampoos, I could feel how dry my hair was as I was washing out the shampoo. My hair was literally underwater and still felt dry. Something was definitely off here. I would have to use a handful of conditioner to be completely satisfied that my hair was getting enough moisture. The problem here is that when I would use tons of conditioner I tended to get more buildup on my scalp leaving it itchy and dirty feeling. Therefore, I would use more shampoo and the vicious cycle would repeat. I thought that if I used dry/damaged shampoos and conditioners it would solve my problem. Little did I know, these labels mean next to nothing. 


My dry hair used to cause a lot of breakage and because I have curly hair, I would have this very unattractive halo of frizz over my head. So, I would use gels, hair spray, and clips to tame it. This would add more unnecessary buildup as well as would flatten out my curls (which I also used to hate). I have never dyed my hair, because I knew that the chemicals would destroy my hair. What I didn't realize was that I was already doing this with what I thought was helping it, my shampoo. 


I now use our Nutrifolica shampoo because it's sulfate-free and all natural. After doing my own research, I found out that less is more. Now, I notice that when I'm washing my hair, it feels lighter and I can tell it is absorbing a lot of water in the shower. I also can use about half as much conditioner as I used to. This is great for my scalp and my wallet. I can tell that my hair is happier, and therefore I follow suit and am happier about my hair. I am more likely to keep up with doing my weekly treatments (I typically do a hot oil treatment) and experiment with different hair styles, instead of a bun all the time. I also don't have to worry about treating my hair with the utmost care, for fear of worsening my frizz halo.


After using our Nutrifolica shampoo and conditioner for almost a year, there are a lot of benefits I have noticed:

  • My hair is stronger
  • I have softer hair that isn't crunchy or brittle
  • My frizz halo is gone
  • I use less product
  • I can enjoy my hair instead of fight it
  • I have little to no buildup on my scalp
  • I know my hair is getting clean without harsh chemicals
  • I am supporting a small company I believe in

So try switching and see how happy your hair becomes. I could easily go on and on about how great it is, and I do. 


Let us know how switching to Nutrifolica has worked for you. Have you noticed your hair is stronger and happier? 

Written by Amber T — December 03, 2012



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