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One of the most common ways to understand the types of hair loss that affect people are by using the Hamilton-Norwood scale. This scale helps to describe different patterns of hair loss to make it easier to distinguish between the different types.

There are different classes of hair loss ranging from I-VII

Hamilton-Norwood Scale

Class I does not actually represent a balding head, but what a young person’s hair looks like without any balding.

Class II also does not represent balding. It is used to show natural progression of an adult’s hairline.

Class III is the first class to represent hair loss. Here, hair loss is starting in the temporal region.

Class III Vertex is also the earliest stages of hair loss, but on the crown instead of the temporal region.

Class IV is the second, more advanced, stage of frontal and slight crown hair loss.

Class V represents the second stage of frontal and a more pronounced crown area hair loss.

Class VI is also the second stage of frontal and crown hair loss, but the two areas start to meet.

Class VII represents extensive hair loss. This stage is the most dramatic level of hair loss and typically leaves only a band of hair around the back of the head.


Understanding your type and stage of hair loss is important to prevent misdiagnosis and to insure you don't waste your time researching the wrong type of hair loss. Luckily, Nutrifolica treatment works on all stages and types of hair loss. 


What is your class and stage? 

Written by Amber T — October 03, 2013

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