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Nutrifolica Combo Pack - Natural Hair Regrowth Treatment with DHT Blocker and Hair Loss Shampoo - 4 Month Supply

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PART 1: Nutrifolica Shampoo - if you are currently using a typical drugstore shampoo, you may want to stop doing so. Most shampoos contain sulfates (a common chemical used in floor cleaners) that can harm the scalp, particularly of those dealing with hair loss. Nutrifolica's Natural Shampoo contains ingredients that focus on preserving the hair you currently have while regrowing the hair you used to have. Instead of harshly cleaning the scalp, Nutrifolica Shampoo protects as it deep cleans, using yucca extracts and sea kelp that fully rinse out and are residue free. This is not true for drugstore shampoos.  Besides using harsh chemicals (sulfates), drugstore shampoos tend to clog hair follicles with gelatin-based thickeners. However, Nutrifolica Shampoo uses phyto-revitalizers and essential oils to drastically increase hair retention and manageability for all hair types (including colored hair) by using natural hair- growth ingredients that don't have side effects (Saw Palmetto and Nettles). Nutrifolica Shampoo will allow you to keep the hair you have and to grow back what you have lost (starting where hair loss is most recent), especially when used in combination with Nutrifolica Treatment.


PART 2: Nutrifolica DHT Blocker and Regrowth Spray- the only product to use a lab-tested proprietary blend of all-natural phyto-extracts to jumpstart dormant hair follicles so they can again produce healthy hair shafts.  Nutrifolica's founder, famed chemist Allen Parkinson, spent years researching the precise combination of Saw Palmetto  Nettles, Ginger, Horsetail, and Ginko Biloba to effectively combat the negative effects of DHT (the body hormone that destroys hair follicles). The majority of people suffering from hair loss (i.e., receding hairline, widow's peak, crown, or all-over thinning) produce excessive amounts of DHT. If left untreated, DHT will destroy the hair follicle (literally kill it), leaving shiny scar tissue in its place (hence the term shiny bald head). Nutrifolica eliminates the damaging effects of DHT, jumpstarts hair follicles with Capsicum which doubles circulation to the scalp, and nourish the follicles with much-needed phyto-nutrients to produce strong, healthy hair (beginning where hair has most recently fallen out).  


After desired results have been achieved, it is possible to gradually reduce use.  Eighty-five percent of men and women in the beginning to intermediate stages of hair loss will see noticeable results after using Nutrifolica's Treatment and Shampoo for 4 months. Complete results will occur between 6 to 8 months.

Reviews for Nutrifolica Combo - Regrowth Hair Treatment and Hair Loss Shampoo - 6 Month Supply
4.6 out of 5, based on 12 reviews
M. A. from NE on May 01, 2013
I think it's working.
Jerry from CA on Mar 19, 2013
I feel like I just ordered, time to order again. This stuff works wonders for me personally. I tell everyone about it.
swingin36 from NM on Jan 26, 2013
I dig it.
biz4geo from NY on Nov 26, 2012
Amazing product!
Keith from AR on Oct 21, 2012
I can tell there has been a slight improvement.
A. Patterson from NY on Sep 06, 2012
I like that it's natural. Smells good too.
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