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"How is it applied?"

Our formula is a topical treatment that is applied to the scalp once a day.


"Can Nutrifolica help regrow the hair I've already lost?"

Yes, as long as there isn't a shiny bald spot, hair that has been lost will grow back.


"Is it expensive?"

Our product is one of the best values on the market.  Our price breaks down to approximately $5.00 a week you can start preventing baldness and accelerate new hair growth without a lot of expense. 


"Is it made for all hair types?"

All types of hair and people of all ages can benefit from the use of our product. 


"Can I still dye my hair?"

Yes, our formula is gentle on hair and will not cause discoloration or negatively affect dyed hair.


"What is your guarantee?"

If after using our topical treatment for six full months you don't feel that your hair is healthier and stronger, return the product for a refund, minus a $25.00 shipping and handling fee.


"What if I hair loss runs in my family?"

Genetics is clearly an important factor when it comes to balding.  If either of your parents are balding, you do not necessarily need to follow in their path.  By managing what you have control over (i.e. DHT, poor circulation of the scalp, etc), you can counteract the acceleration and permanence of hair loss.  Nutrifolica is designed to naturally counteract hair loss, reverse and prevent baldness, and regrow the hair you have already lost, even if either of your parents are balding. 


"Will it work on receding hair as well as bald spots?"

Yes, all areas of the scalp will benefit from our product.  Those areas which lost hair most recently will show the first results. 


"I have just started noticing an increase in my hair loss.  Will your product stop my hair loss even though I don't have a receding hair line or bald spots?"

Our product is effective at preventing baldness and stopping hair loss before it becomes a problem.  


"What side effects are associated with your product?"

None.  By using only 100% all active botanical ingredients our product remains gentle to the hair and scalp, naturally. 


"Will it cause facial (or other) hair growth?"

No. Our product does not use chemicals or steroids to enhance hair growth. It is all natural and will only grow hair that can naturally grow on its own.


"Can women use the product?" 

Although our clients are generally men, the majority of the women who have tried Nutrifolica have experienced great success as well.  Because Nutrifolica is gentle, and possesses no side effects, its all-natural formula has appealed to women who are experiencing hair loss or thinning hair. 


"How do I apply it?  Is it time consuming?"

Nutrifolica is a topical treatment that you apply to the scalp once daily.  We recommend that you apply our product at night because the optimum time for cell regeneration is during sleep but it is not necessary.  Nutrifolica contains no alcohol or oil so it won't dry out the scalp or leave a greasy residue.  


"When Should I Apply It? Same time every day?"

It is not necessary to apply our treatment at the same time every day. This may help you remember to use it, but any time of the morning/day/evening is fine.


"Do I need to continue using this product after a desired effect is achieved?"

Most of our clients use the product once a week or bi-weekly instead of everyday once they have achieved the results they desire for maintenance.  But, it is not necessary. Our product is not like Rogaine where you have to use it every day for the rest of your life or your hair falls out. 


"How quickly will I see results?"

Results vary with factors such as age of user, length of time hair has been falling out, and the cause of the problem.  In most cases clients experience positive results within two months.  A six month trial is strongly recommended.


"Will your product work for me?"

If it fails to give you the results you desire, you will receive a full refund no questions asked.  


"I am not balding but my older brother is.  Can Nutrifolica help me not end up like him?"

Nutrifolica can be used to prevent hair loss and baldness before it even starts.  It is much easier to prevent baldness than to reverse it once it has started. 


"What type of results can I expect?"

You should experience positive results within two months.  Your current hair will be thicker and stronger and new baby size hairs will start to grow in currently inactive hair follicles and active hair follicles will produce more hair per follicle.  The longer you use it the more the hair grows and eventually it will totally fill in.  Hair will grow back first where it last fell out.  This process generally takes approximately 6 months and sometimes a little longer.


"What should the colour and texture of the liquid look like?"

Our product is water based, so it will be a thin liquid. We don't use an oil base because this may clog hair follicles and damper growth. 

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