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Letter from the President, Mr. Parkinson
More than 15 years ago I was losing my hair at an alarming rate. I was desperate (I think you know the feeling). I had heard about the Rogaine Formula and I tried their treatment for nearly 14 months. Some new growth came in on the sides but not in front where my baldness was a real handicap in business and pleasure.

I decided to not be defeated by my hair loss and began to invent my own formula, an all natural product that would really work in the areas I needed it most.  I looked to nature to help me with my problem.  I knew of a few herbs that were known for helping with scalp care and after some research and testing I came up with a product that worked and called it Nutrifolica.  My hair is thicker and the frontal baldness is gone. It took a while to achieve this since my baldness was in a moderate, almost severe state. I was so impressed with my Nutrifolica product that I wanted to share it with the world.

A lot of people tell me that their father or grandfather is bald so they are destined for baldness.  This is not true, genetics is but one factor that contributes to hair loss.  Many factors contribute to the acceleration and permanence of hair loss.  Nutrifolica is designed to counteract problems such as poor scalp circulation, clogged follicles, and nutrient-deficient shafts. Our product allows you to regrow the hair you have already lost.  

All the Best,
Allen Parkinson 


Mr. Parkinson's Previous Experience:

International Sales Director of Mercury Records, New York

President of Sleep-eze: First non-prescription sleeping pill in America

President of Movieland Wax Museum, California: World's first museum dedicated to the art of motion pictures

President of Palace of Living Art, California: Museum featuring replicas of the world's greatest paintings.

President of Japanese Village and Park:  Theme park featuring Japanese culture, entertainment, and gardens.

Owner of 45,000 acre Turquoise Ranch

Member of French-American Chamber of Commerce

Received Congressional Achievement Award for International Understanding and Good Will


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