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Very good product, it really works. Buyer: peterm1268 Sep-01-13

Nutrifolica Treatment really works! Buyer: belovedremi Aug-13-13

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Nutrifolica is the best product I've found. Buyer: i8veggies Jul-26-13

Amazing product. It really works!!! Buyer: dreamchasertee Jul-19-13

Love Nutrifolica Shampoo. My hair has never looked better. Buyer: motherof3seller Jul-12-13

99% of my hair loss stopped - my scalp feels very clean. Buyer: hamzcerise Jun-22-13

Very efficient at curbing hair loss and excessive shedding. Buyer: jewell_b Jun-22-13

As always, thank you for Nutrifolica's regrowth! Buyer: eldoradoaz Jun-15-13

Wonderful product. Buyer: brobin67 Jun-12-13

Nutrifolica, it works!!! Long time user! Buyer: marky-marc69 Jun-11-13

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Excellent results. Buyer: alona1969 Mar-23-13

Great Stuff. A++++Buyer: virgie40 Mar-20-13

Great Product! Will buy again! Buyer: civilwar760 Mar-19-13

Hair loss stopped! Don't hesitate to use this stuff! Buyer: marky-marc69 Mar-09-13

Nutrifolica Shampoo works. Recommend to all. Buyer: madman_94523 Mar-06-13

The Shampoo makes your scalp feel very clean. Buyer: sundayshopper Feb-22-13

works A+A+A+A+ Buyer: elantraguyad Feb-21-13

Amazing product! Buyer: biz4geo Nov-26-12

Excellent product, my hair has grown back, I can recommend. Buyer: waltzertraum Nov-15-12

Using for a while, love it.. definitely worth my money! Buyer: cvang89 Nov-10-12

It`s better that minoxidil! Buyer: miguel11101971 Oct-23-12

Best shampoo. Thank you so much! Buyer: restaurant1233 Oct-04-12

I'm a regular customer, exceeds expectations Buyer: Oct-02-12

Really works! Buyer: gcrigoni Sep-22-12

Repeat repeat repeat repeat customer!! Buyer: fjsmad Sep-14-12

Visible difference after using this shampoo. Buyer: abella1861 Sep-11-12

I have seen results very fast!! Buyer: sbadputter2 Sep-02-12

Very happy with Nutrifolica Shampoo, will buy again! Buyer: antalghetvai Sep-01-12

Great shampoo!! It works as advertised!! Buyer: tylenol1 Aug-25-12

Great seller and shampoo works amazing!! Buyer: djwasylec Aug-12-12

Nutrifolica Shampoo works good!!! Buyer: joel--1986 Aug-05-12

My father, George Sanders, suggested that I try Nutrifolica since my hair had just started to thin at the crown of my head. He thought that since he was getting such good results from Nutrifolica that I should give it a try. Within six months my hair loss stopped and the thinning area filled back in and now I use it only once a week for maintenance.  Buyer: Peter Sanders Jul-5-12

A few years ago I was faced with two disappointments. First, I started losing my hair in the front and second, I was faced with dating again. I didn't want to start meeting women with a partly bald head so I spent the next year and a half trying different products. None of them worked for me. Then I found Nutrifolica and it has been a year now; no more hair loss. My barber keeps commenting on how much thicker my hair is. No one can believe I am 70. My great head of hair has added ten years to my looks. Buyer: George Sanders, age 70

I have always been skeptical about hair products, and especially leery of the use of chemicals to stimulate hair growth. I was very surprised, after about 5 weeks of using Nutrifolica, I started seeing a difference. Now, 4 months later, the new growth is becoming thicker. I recommend this product to anyone with hair loss. Buyer: Ron Newman, age 54

Two years ago my hair was becoming thin and wispy. I had two choices: keep losing my hair or do something about it. A friend who had had great results with the product suggested that I try Nutrifolica. I'm so grateful she did. The results have been quite dramatic. Buyer: Janet Valley, age 63

I am amazed by Nutrifolica. I have been using it for several months now and I can't believe how quickly it has stopped my hair loss. It not only feels healthier, but it is thicker and back to "normal". Thanks for making such a great product available. Buyer: Alexandria Christensen, age 23

I've been using Nutrifolica for 5 months and my hair is really filling in. Buyer: Nathan Kolinski, age 47

I would like to tell you how much I like your product. I am 53 years old and have spent many many years trying any and all products that claim to help fine hair. I started using the Nutrifolica topical treatment and shampoo 2 months ago and love them. They do all they claim and more. I tell everyone about your product. Thank you. Buyer: Susan Davern, age 53

I am so happy that I now have a natural solution to handle my thinning hair problem. Buyer: Stephanie Goldman, age 58

I just wanted to let you know that I just placed my third order of Nutrifolica because I am so pleased with the results that Nutrifolica has given me! My hair looks thicker and feels stronger and healthier. I don't get nearly the split ends I used to and when I brush my hair it doesn't seem to be as fragile. Most importantly, the spots where you could almost see my scalp have filled in. Buyer: Beth Johnsten, age 49

"This is my second order of Nutrifolica. Over the last six months my wife and I have both noticed the difference in my hair. It is thicker and is filling out the bald spots." Buyer: Chad Neville, age 62

"I wasn't sure Nutrifolica was doing anything until I went to my barber and he was amazed at the hair he saw starting to grow at the top of my scalp." Buyer: Dean Lowe, age 42

I noticed that along my hair line it started thinning dramatically. When I thought about buying a hair product for my problem I wanted something natural. My hair deals with enough chemicals from hair sprays and perms as it is. I have been using the product for 7 months now and my hair is much thicker and fuller. The thinning areas have totally disappeared. I don't have to be embarrassed and try to hide my thinning spots any more! Buyer: Ashley Forsythe, age 29

Every time I look in the mirror I just love the results I am getting. My hair is back to normal. Buyer: Amanda Allen, age 55

I'm at the six month mark next week and I have hair growing in where it used to be falling out. People I work with have asked me what I am doing to myself because I look different, I say nothing, but that tells me that something is happening because it's beginning to get noticed. You certainly have a satisfied customer. Buyer: Duke DuRell, age 48

Since I started using Nutrifolica last month, 99% of my hair loss has stopped. With just this result I am completely satisfied. If I grow hair in the coming months, I will consider that an added benefit. Buyer: Darren Lewis, age 36

I was terrified to think that I was losing my hair. That was just six months ago. Now, I have hair starting to grow where I was losing hair. My hair feels thicker and stronger. I am couldn't be more pleased with this product. Buyer: Erik Larson, age 39

I am experiencing regrowth of hair and front and back of my head...very happy with treatment. Buyer: Peter Van Drake, age 28

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