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The Low Down on Shampoos

Harsh Man-Made Shampoos:

Excessive shampooing, particularly with most commonly used commercial shampoos, can cause the hair to lose minerals such as Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron, and Nitrogen.  This is due to the harsh chemicals present in most of these products that strip these minerals from hair and scalp.  Not only will they damage your hair, but they can pose a threat to general health. 

Formaldehyde, which is used in shampoo as a preservative, is often disguised as 'Quanternium015'.  Aside from being carcinogenic at certain levels, it can prove to be an irritant to the skin, eyes, and respiratory system.  Shampoos may also contain ammonia, coal tar colors, synthetic detergents, ethanol, and artificial fragrances.  It's no wonder allergic reactions to these products are common.  

Remember, the shampoo you used in your twenties may not be the best choice in your forties.  This is because hair, like skin, becomes drier as we age, producing less of the oil which services as a protective shield for the hair shaft. 

Our shampoo cleans your hair and scalp the natural way: with pure herbal extracts And our shampoo will not clog your follicles with gelatin based thickeners.  Instead, essential oils and phyto-revitalizers will dramatically increase hair retention and manageability for all types of hair.

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