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Stops Hair Loss and Regrows Hair with Natural DHT inhibitorsHair Regrowth Treatment and DHT Blocker Shampoo

  • Blocks the Hormone that Causes Baldness.

  • Stimulates Hair Recovery and Growth.

  • All Natural, No Side Effects

  • 180 Day, 100% Guaranteed to Work!

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1. Blocks DHT with Natural Inhibitors

Our bio-enriched topical formula contains: Saw Palmetto, a potent active ingredient which prevents the conversion of testosterone to DHT, and Nettle Root Extract, which has been shown to inhibit the activity of type II 5-alpha reductase (the enzyme responsible for the creation of DHT). Once DHT levels in the scalp are decreased, new hair growth can resume. Note that the longer a follicle has been dormant the longer it will take to return to its original growth phase. 

2. Stimulates & Nourishes Hair Follicles

Our 100% natural topical formula provides hair follicles with capsicum, amino acids, and essential minerals to prevent NDF (Nutrient Deficient Follicles, the third leading cause of premature hair loss). With proper nutrition and increased blood flow to the scalp, dormant follicles can begin producing healthy hair once again.

Hair, like all other aspects of the body, requires nutrients for its strength and health. Our formula's special vitamin and mineral rich nutrients actually maximizes your body’s ability to produce hair. For example, if your hair follicles are currently producing 1 hair per follicle, use of our product could lead to each follicle producing up to 4 hairs (the maximum amount that a follicle can produce) so your hair will be thicker and fuller. 

3. Cleanses the Scalp

Our treatment is formulated to gently rid the hair and scalp of residual build-up by utilizing the cleansing power of all-natural Alpha Hydroxy, Chamomile, and Nettles. In order to restore moisture to the hair and scalp, Nutrifolica uses Aloe Vera to help protect existing hair from further damage.

In Summary:

Our 100% all-natural Nutrifolica Hair Regrowth Treatment is the most advanced bio-extract hair loss and baldness treatment on the market. By maximizing nature's healing power we are able to guarantee that within six months your hair loss will stop and natural, real hair regrowth will be achieved. The reason we can make this claim: Nutrifolica uses only 100% natural DHT inhibitors, nutrients, and follicle stimulators for lasting hair regrowth with no side-effects.

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