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Nutrifolica Volumizing Conditioner - 6 Month Supply

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Nutrifolica Hair Volumizing Conditioner - Nearly every conditioner on the market is designed for people who do not have compromised hair follicles. The chemicals and ingredients used in drugstore conditioners can irritate and exacerbate hair follicles suffering from the effects of DHT, the bi-product of testosterone.

The regenerative ingredients of Aloe, Blueberry, and Raspberry in our conditioner rejuvenate your hair.  Formulated to gently condition, with natural extracts to provide thickness and strength. Experience the refreshing herbal extracts and citrus that will boost your hair.  A unique blend of thickening agents increases volume and thickens limp locks.  No more snarls or lifeless hair. Lightweight conditioners protect, add shine fullness, volume, and style but without increasing the likelihood of further hair loss.

Reviews for Nutrifolica Hair Volumizing Conditioner - 6 Month Supply
4.7 out of 5, based on 6 reviews
kkip from MN on Apr 06, 2013
Great Conditioner! Keeps my hair looking soft.
Liana from SC on Feb 09, 2013
My hair feels less brittle after using this conditioner.
Pat from AR on Jan 20, 2013
This is my go to conditioner.
Monica from LA on Dec 23, 2012
I give this to friends I love it so much.
Zoe from FL on Nov 04, 2012
Nutrifolica conditioner is awesome. My hair is stronger and healthier.
Emily from AK on Jun 19, 2012
I buy this in bulk. It works so well for me.

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